Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mountains and Valleys

I'll be straight forward in this post. My Mountain moment was yesterday when we received the keys to our new home. My Valley moment was today when I was called into my offices to be told that I was being laid off. What a week. I can't say I didn't see this coming but still. My company is eliminating my position across the board so I guess I should feel lucky that I was offered another, albeit lower paying position within the company. 

What these last 2 days have done for me is put things into perspective. I now understand why I was told I had hoop dreams for wanting to do something, ANYTHING in my field of interest. Because with the weight of a mortgage payment looming in the near future and this lay off happening, I see now why I need to follow the money. At least for now. I want to do all these things in my personal and professional life and right now one side is moving full steam ahead while the other is stalling fast. 

I keep trying to understand or at least accept these bumps in the road when it comes to my professional struggles but its getting harder and harder. I need a breakthrough of some sort. Or at least a reminder that "Hey, this'll be over sooner than you think." All in all, I think I'm taking it in stride but I can't pretend like I don't feel a sense of pressure to let go of my dreams and hustle my ass off to get paid. 

Well, being that I 'm nodding off as I type, I'll let you all go and fill you in later.